Anyone that has travelled for extensive amounts of time can attest to the fact that it can get very expensive in a short amount of time. Staying in hotels, for instance, can end up bankrupting a traveller if they don’t find a cheaper place to sleep every night. The same could be said for any aspect of the travel, from food to transportation to clothing and more.Read More →

Everyone has a picture in their minds of a hotel: it’s almost always a multi-story building that can be found in the middle of the city, complete with generic rooms with the standard set of furniture. And while this is the norm for most hotels, it isn’t the rule for all of them. There are some hotels throughout the world that defy all convention wherever possible, making them a must-see for those that like to try something new.Read More →

One of the reasons that people don’t travel often is due to the costs that are involved. From the price of plane tickets to booking a hotel, travelling can be one of the most expensive pastimes in the world for those that don’t plan it properly.Read More →

There are few pastimes that are as beneficial as travelling. Research has proven that it’s good for the body and the mind, it gives us the chance to recharge our batteries, and we get to experience new sights, cultures, and cuisines.Read More →