How To Save Money While Travelling

Anyone that has travelled for extensive amounts of time can attest to the fact that it can get very expensive in a short amount of time. Staying in hotels, for instance, can end up bankrupting a traveller if they don’t find a cheaper place to sleep every night. The same could be said for any aspect of the travel, from food to transportation to clothing and more.

For the traveller that hopes to go as far as they can on a limited budget, use these helpful tricks and tips to save as much money as possible.

Avoid Eating Out Often

There’s nothing wrong with going out and trying the local cuisine every now and again, but this should not be done for every meal, as it can quickly become expensive. A better approach to meals is to instead cook at home using locally-bought ingredients, ensuring that not only will the food be much cheaper, but also healthier. Going out and enjoying local food from a eatery should instead be something done every so often as a treat rather than the norm.

Bread and Board

For most seasonal travellers, staying at a hotel or something similar is usually the preferred method of accommodation, but those that want to be abroad for longer periods of time have other options available. Such services as WWOOF, HelpX, Workaway, and many others give travellers the chance to have bread and board in return for their help. This can be in terms of labour on a farm, working at a Backpackers, and much more.

The idea behind it is to provide open-minded travellers with the chance to stay somewhere without having to invest any money and makes for a great way of enjoying the local area, including the culture and cuisine, at a minimum cost.

Travel During The Off-season

The off-season is the period of time every year where, in general, tourists are more likely to stay at home. This is usually because of the current season, school holidays, and more. To get cheaper transport prices, as well as better lodgings, it makes more sense to only travel during the off-season, which can depend on the region that’s being travelled to.

Peak seasons will see a sharp increase in prices, and it’s generally the worst time of the year to book a flight to a different country, and it makes more sense to instead stay at home and focus on hobbies like online betting in NZ or video games.

Use Public Transport

When it comes to getting around, hiring a taxi or an Uber is not always the recommended course of action. The cost would quickly bankrupt anyone that tends to move around a lot.

This is why it’s always better to try and focus on public transit systems. It’s also worth keeping in mind that not all systems are the same, depending on the country, so it can be worthwhile to go countries that have reliable and cheap transportation systems. Buses, trains, and even ferries are usually the cheapest methods of getting around as reliably as possible.