Common Camping Mistakes Everyone Makes

There is probably no cheaper way to travel the world than by living in a tent. It may not always be particularly comfortable, dry, or warm, but it does mean saving potentially thousands of dollars that would otherwise need to go to accommodation. Most tents available today provide all of the shelter that a person would need in most kinds of weather, and their portability means that the camper is able to pack up and head off to their next destination without too much trouble.

Camping remains a popular method of getting around a country, especially in countries that are known for their good weather and public camping grounds. For the avid camper that wants to take their tent with them the next time they visit a foreign country, these are the mistakes that are worth avoiding.

Double Check The Camping Ground

A lot of people will head over to the EU, specifically Scandinavian countries, for their fairly flexible camping rules. Much of the land in these countries is not just open and available to the general public, but it’s often possible to camp in these areas – sometimes for a few days at a time.

There are countless stories of people abusing this law or making the mistake of campaigning in a spot that was actually private land, so it’s good practice to double and triple check where the camping ground is and ensure that it is considered public ground.

Take Appropriate Filtration Gear

Most countries tend to have clean water available for drinking, but this won’t always be the case. For the traveller that wants to spend some time camping somewhere in Africa, for example, having a means of cleaning water is important. There are a lot of ways of doing this, but perhaps the easiest is by having either a filtration jug that can be filled up, or something like a LifeStraw, which almost instantly makes dirty water safe for drinking.

Don’t Forget The Rainshield

A good tent should come with its own rain cover, but it’s also recommended to buy a separate rain shield altogether, one that’s separate from the tent but provides plenty of coverage. Consider that many of these places are fairly remote, so it’s a good idea to be prepared in general.

There may not be any reception in far areas. This means that anyone who needs to deal with daily emails, read messages, or just have a glance at what kind of US masters betting offers or latest lottery numbers are trending will either have to go without for a while or take some type of booster kit.

A First Aid Kit

While we all hope to never have to take it out and use it, a first aid kit should be a vital piece of gear that every camper has access to. First aid kits are not nearly as effective as a hospital would be, but can often be the difference between life and death while camping in the wild.