In the world of budget travelling, hostels represent safe and affordable accommodation that’s available to anyone. The idea is to give the traveller a means to sleep safely at night without them having to fork out to stay at an expensive hotel, and they’ve become extremely popular around the world over the last few decades.Read More →

Travelling with a single bag, or also commonly known as one-bagging, has become an increasingly popular way of seeing the sights of the world without having to take a room’s worth of luggage with. Closely related to minimalist, this kind of travelling involves taking only items that are completely necessary and leaving just about everything else at home.Read More →

Africa is one of the world’s largest continents, with dozens of countries, languages, cultures, cities, and so much in-between. For the adventurer at heart, there are few other continents that offer quite as much exploration, and anyone that wants to escape the Western and Eastern worlds and experience something different will enjoy every second that they spend in Africa.Read More →

Nothing beats a visit to Ireland to cleanse your soul and revive your spirit. Home to some of the world’s greenest as well as most breath-taking landscape, Ireland teems with tourist attractions so appealing, that you’ll want to visit all of them.Read More →