How To Travel The World With One Bag

Travelling with a single bag, or also commonly known as one-bagging, has become an increasingly popular way of seeing the sights of the world without having to take a room’s worth of luggage with. Closely related to minimalist, this kind of travelling involves taking only items that are completely necessary and leaving just about everything else at home.

It can be a difficult adjust to make, especially for those travellers that are used to taking a lot of bags with them, but it can also mean having far less to worry about while out on the road. Here we will look at some helpful tips for making the most out of international one-bagging.

Organising Clothing

In the modern world, we’re generally used to having a wide assortment of clothing throughout the month, and most people will have ten or more shirts and other clothing items to choose from. One-bagging means taking this concept and reducing it to its bare minimum and having only the absolute necessary clothing available.

The general rule for this kind of living is to only have enough clothing to cover between 5 and 7 days, meaning that it might sometimes be necessary to wear the same shirt for a few days at a time. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if there is going to be a lot of physical activity involved as well as bad weather, but it’s clothing is often the bulk of the weight and space in a backpack, so cutting back is essential.

Two Pairs Of Shoes

When it comes to shoes, most one-baggers will typically take around two pairs of shoes. This includes a closed shoe – usually work or hiking boots – while having something open for hotter regions. Of course, this ultimately depends on where the traveller is going to, what they plan on doing, and the kind of weather that they will be facing. Having two pairs of shoes also means that there is a backup pair available just in case one pair goes missing or is stolen at some point.

Digitize Everything

In the past, if we wanted to take books with us to read while travelling, it meant having to use up extra space. Thanks to the large storage space found in modern smartphones as well as the cloud, it’s now possible to take as many books and other media with us without needing all the extra backpack space. Try and digitize everything wherever possible, such as books, music, pictures, and even games, such as those offered by Canadian casino online sites. The cloud also means that our data is safely locked away at a 3rd party location, making it easy to access in the event that a smartphone or tablet is lost/stolen.

Quick-Dry Towel

Another great investment that a one-bagger can make is a quick-dry towel. These are usually composed of microfibres that are quick to absorb moisture but almost just as quick to dry out when left in the sun. They are also small extremely small, making them perfect for a backpack.