The Best Treehouse Hotels In The World

There’s something enchanting about staying in a treehouse for a few days. Usually set up in the middle of a forest or a similarly picturesque setting, treehouses make for the ultimate escape from the modern world, giving the visitor the chance to kick back with all of the relaxation that nature has to offer.

Of course, most modern treehouse hotels are fully furnished, complete with everything a visitor could expect from a regular hotel, but just with more space and usually a much better view. These are some of the very best treehouse hotels that can be found around the world.

Treeful Treehouse EcoResort

A truly unique treehouse, the Treeful Treehouse can be found in Okinawa, Japan, and sits around 10 metres off of the ground, meaning that visitors can sit up above everything else and watch the nature below. Electricity is fairly limited, but there is a double bed as well as more room for extra guests. The idea behind it is to create a minimalist but comfortable space for visitors to enjoy the incredible nature that Japan has to offer.

Willow Treehouse

New York state is well-known for its lush and serene forests, which make for an excellent location for a treehouse, and Willow Treehouse is just about the best in the region. With its modern design, the wooden treehouse sits above the ground can offers visitors a wide view of the incredible scenery in the area. Not only is there a forest right on the doorstep, but a pond is nearby that’s abundant with life. Built by William Johnson, the treehouse is available to rent from Airbnb.

Lovtag Treetop Cabin

Uniquely shaped as a star, this cabin can be found sitting within the majesty of the Mariager Fjord in the country of Denmark and takes a lot of inspiration from the Nordic architecture that has been a staple within the country of centuries. A living tree can be found within the cabin, and those staying in it will find a comfortable queen sized bed, a kitchen, bathroom, sofa, and even a terrace on the roof that offers a great place to have breakfast and coffee while taking in the views, and maybe while catching a round of Bingo Canada to start the day.

Bird’s Nest

Arguably one of the most unusual treehouses available right now, the Bird’s Nest cabin, found in Harads, Sweden, offers the chance to live among the treetops along with the birds. Designed to mimic a nest, it’s a 17-metre squared cabin that somehow manages to fit in fairly comfortable with the surrounding forest. The inside is spacious and comfortable, and includes a living area, toilets, as well as a retractable staircase that provides access into the giant nest.

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Plettenburg Bay is a beautiful area that can be found along the Garden Route of South Africa, and this particular cabin can be found in one the region’s indigenous forests. It offers large flat screen televisions, wireless internet, a mini bar, and much more. The cabin can be accessed by a walkway that takes visitors through the dense forest.