Activities To Try When You Visit Mozambique

With sun-warmed golden sands that meet warm waters, rolling hills that are just begging to be explored on a hike or on horseback, and safaris that give you an up close encounter with wildlife, it’s easy to understand why Mozambique is a destination to dream about. When you’re next here, check out the below recommended activities.

Ponto de Ouro 

The aptly named Ponto de Ouro is a top-rated spot for visitors who are eager to embark on several water-based activities and adventures. One of the best times of day at Ponto de Ouro is sunset, as the area is illuminated by the fading rays of sunlight, turning it to gold.

  • Diving gives you the chance to enjoy a hidden world below the waves, where tropical fish dart about fragile and colourful coral reefs. You’ll learn more about underwater invertebrates and conservation as you take in the beautiful views with a tour operator, and you may even be lucky enough to have a close encounter with a whale or hammerhead shark.
  • Rent a small boat – called a dhow – out for the day and embark on a dolphin encounter at sea, where your small craft is undoubtedly going to be encircled by playful silver bodies at some point. In fact, an even better way to appreciate the dolphins is to snorkel in the waves alongside them. If on the water adventures aren’t your thing, then stick around the shoreline and go swimming in the warm waters as dolphins often visit the coastal areas and take a peek at beachgoers.
  • Many tour operators allow visitors to explore the area on a quad bike, as you race along the golden dunes of Ponto de Ouro, or navigate the twisting trails that are laced throughout the subtropical thickets. It’s certainly a fast paced and fun way to explore the surroundings.


Maputo is the capital of Mozambique, and this diverse town offers a variety of cultural attractions like the Tunduru Botanical Gardens and the Notre Dame Cathedral of the Concession. Alternatively, if history isn’t your thing, you can also:

  • Visit Baixa. This is the main port, and it offers a bustling market and enjoyable atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to head to if you’re after some souvenirs to remember your Mozambican adventure. The seafood dishes offered by restaurants in the harbour are often raved about and prawn lovers will rejoice at the numerous offerings available. For the best and freshest prawns, visit the Fish Market in the evenings once the boats have come back after a day at sea.
  • Take a walk during low tide to the adjacent island of Inhaca, where you can enjoy the quieter side of this coastal paradise and relax on unspoilt beach fronts. The famed Baixa Danea dive site, along with the snorkelling paradise of the Coral Gardens will delight those who enjoy life below the waves. While, deep sea big game fishing adventures, and the Inhaca island lighthouse, are another two recommended activities.
  • Visit the Maputo Elephant Reserve for a game drive and safari, where you can spot over 400 elephants which call the reserve home. Alongside the wildlife, you’re likely to see gentle species such as zebras, giraffes, numerous bucks, and wildebeest. Picnic beside the lakes and enjoy being serenaded by a variety of local birdlife or go on a hike and view the mangrove swamps, forested dunes, floodplains and woodlands.