The World’s Best Island Resorts

The modern life is a busy one, especially for those that live in the city. Sitting in traffic, going to the office, putting up with the constant noise all the time – it’s enough to drive some people around the bend. But when things are getting a bit too much to bear, this is an excellent time to pack up and find a remote island somewhere in the middle of the ocean in order to take a much-needed break.

Island resorts have always been popular destinations for tourists wanting to take a load off, and thankfully there are many resorts around the world specialised in providing a relaxing and unforgettable holiday experience. Here we will

Lily Beach

Lily Beach, found in the Maldives, is set on one of the world’s most beautiful islands, and this particular resort looks like it was taken straight off of a calendar. With small bungalows looking over the clean and pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, Lily Beach is remote enough that it’s possible to escape from the rest of the world for a short time. It’s only accessible by seaplane, and in total it’s about the size of just two football fields, but despite the small size, there’s plenty to do and keep busy with during the stay.

Likuliku Lagoon

Fiji is well known across the world as a true paradise, and Likuliku Lagoon is a testament to that. With villas that have glass floors that give a clear view of the ocean below and sitting right on the coast of the South Pacific, this is a truly a place like no other. Not only is it a break away from the big city, but the resort goes the extra mile, with staff helping create an authentic island life, and even the locals will come along and interact with the guests. Music, fires, and a pristine beach line make this lagoon a must-see for island lovers.

Four Seasons Bora Bora

Next on the list we have Four Seasons Bora Bora, which can be found in the extraordinarily beauty region of Tahiti. The bungalows themselves are traditional, and sit directly on top of the water, with the patio looking right over Mount Otemanu. Part of the package of staying here is that everything is included, meaning that it’s the full island life, complete with food and private snorkelling that can be done straight off of the patio of the bungalow, or even to just sit back with and enjoy the scenery.

Guana Island

Guana Island is a small slice of paradise that can be found in the middle of the ocean. But unlike other resorts that are set on tiny islands, Guana tends to be a bit bigger, enough to accommodate a gorgeous tropical forest similar to the kind of jungles found throughout South America. It’s only possible to get to this resort via yacht, and because of the cost and the remoteness of Guana, only around 30 guests can stay at any one time. It’s packed with plenty of wildlife, making not just for a great time at the beach, but also for plenty of adventuring through the thick forest.