The Best Sights To See Underwater

Diving can be an incredible addition to any holiday, the peaceful world that lives under the sea is nothing short of breath-taking and fascinating. There are great diving opportunities in virtually any seaside town where you may find yourself on holiday, allowing anybody to enjoy this unbelievable experience. Diving anywhere will no doubt be awesome, but where would you go if you want to see something truly special? These are the best places to go diving to see some remarkable sights.

Cayman Islands – USS Kittiwake

The USS Kittiwake was a Chanticleer-class submarine rescue vessel which served from 1946, all the way through to 1994 when it was decommissioned. After decommissioning, the ship was transferred to the government of the Cayman Islands where it would get a new lease on life in which Kittiwake would be prepared and sunk to create a new artificial reef.

Today, the USS Kittiwake has been transformed into its own incredible ecosystem of coral and other supporting life. Starting at only 4.6 meters deep, and in a less aggressive tide, allows for even beginners to see how this ship has been reclaimed by nature. For the more experienced divers, Kittiwake does extend down to past 20 meters, allowing for more sights and a deeper dive.

Shark Reef – Egyptian Red Sea

Shark Reef offers some of the most stunning and divers diving known to man. The diversity of different kinds of sea life creates a spectacular spectrum of colours, the likes of which is near impossible to find on lane. Shark’s reef offers fantastic diving opportunity for novice divers in shallow waters with very little in the way of current. For more experienced divers, just beyond shark’s reef is what seems to be a sheer drop into the dark ocean below.

Hidden within the inky blue, at 145 meters in depth, is the wreck of cargo ship Yolanda. The cargo ship was transporting toilets at the time of sinking, making for a very interesting sight at the sea floor. The exploration opportunities around the cargo ship itself are endless. Diving to the wreck will require an experienced diver and strict supervision, as this depth can bring along unexpected and at times violent currents. If it’s too rough, rather stick to playing Bingo for money until the tide turns.

Great Blue Hole – Belize

It’s all in the name when it comes to the great blue hole. Flanked by vibrantly coloured reef, the great blue hole is 300 meters wide, 125 meters deep hole seemingly drilled into the ocean floor. The Deep and dark blue hole feels like swimming over another world, with an eerie feeling of something big living down there.

What is actually living in this incredible hole? Well, nothing is. The great blue hole was a sinkhole and from 90 meters down is filled with a thick layer of hydrogen sulphide. While humans can explore with the appropriate breathing apparatus, no fish or coral could survive in this environment. As much as it feels that there is something strange lurking in the depths, it seems to be the one place in the ocean which is truly devoid of life.