Moroccan Sights That You Can’t Miss

So are you’re looking for the best places in Morocco to visit? Look no further! We’ve compiled our list of the best destinations in Morocco you must visit.

Morocco is one of the most beloved countries in Africa for a very good reason. It has almost anything and everything a traveller could want; incredible history, amazing food, friendly people and mesmerizing bazaars.

As one of the oldest kingdoms in northern Africa, Morocco is easy to get to from many places in the world. In addition, it’s very affordable and incredibly safe as well as stable despite its neighbours’ political turmoil.

There are so many amazing things that you can see and do in this ancient and charming country on the fringes of the Sahara. However, don’t worry, we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of experiences in Morocco you simply can’t miss.

Meknes – The Ninth Century Medina

In spite of its old age as well as architecture, Meknes makes its way to the list of the top best places to visit in Morocco. It is to be found in the north of Morocco and is a ninth-century medina. It is also one of the country’s previous capitals.

On your visit here, while you may feel that it’s not as fine as the other cities to visit in Morocco, however the royal palace and other major historical sites are an ideal stop to learn about Morocco’s culture. Don’t forget to visit its charming attractions that make it so popular among tourists looking for exotic Arabian experiences.

Atlas Mountains

Stretching some 2 500 kilometres across Morocco, Algeria as well as Tunisia, the Atlas Mountains have long provided a home to some of North Africa’s most isolated villages. It was only a decade ago the electricity and running water made its way to these mountains and in still in some parts these luxuries are unheard of.

Djemaa el-Fnaa

Near the top of everyone’s lists for things to do in Morocco (and Africa) is Marrakech’s main square as well as centre of activity, the Djemaa el-Fnaa. Almost 1 000 years old, the sounds, smells, and sights truly transport you to a different era. Snake charmers, dancers, shopkeepers and touts pull you in every possible direction. The square really does come to life when the sun goes down and you’ll find food from all corners of Morocco. Just like when you play at there’s a new experience every time you visit, so you may want to spend days (or years) here.


The most comprehensive medieval city in the Arab world, Fez’s intricate streets conceal ancient souks and iconic monuments, none are more so than the exquisitely decorated Medersa Bou Inania.


Found on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast, seaside Asilah is popular amongst the tourists and the country’s citizens as. In addition, apart from the sandy beaches, the city walls which are covered in colourful murals make this city one of the top Moroccan places to visit! If you are here during August, remember to attend the town’s vibrant annual Arts Festival which makes it every youngster’s favourite city in Morocco during this time.