The Best Cheap Countries To Visit

Travelling and seeing new countries is an amazing hobby for a lot of people. New countries present new cultures, new attractions and sometimes even a new way of seeing the world. When travelling to new places on a frequent basis, often the biggest hurdle to overcome is a financial one.

Travelling is by no means cheap, and some countries can be very expensive to stay in. There are some gems out there which offer fantastic value for your money, allowing you to travel and see more for the same price.

Eastern Europe

Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria can all be done in one remarkable and budget friendly holiday. The locals are extremely friendly and welcome the outside tourism. For the most part, these are quite poor countries, meaning your money goes a lot further in your stay. On average, for $50 a day you can live like a king, and you can easily get by on as little as $25 a day.

Eastern European countries may not have the strongest nightlife or multicultural areas, but what they do have is a remarkable history. From old Soviet landmarks to some of the best old school architecture you can find, these countries are rich in history and hospitality.

South Korea

South Korea is a “do it all” destination for any potential traveller, and it comes in at an incredibly affordable price. South Korea offers two distinct, different kinds of holiday to different kinds of travellers.

Firstly, is the central kind of holiday. Incredible nightlife, fantastic food and some of the best technological marvels can be had in South Korea’s main cities. Accommodation is plentiful and remarkably cheap, the people are friendly and welcoming and with more than 40% of residents being proficient in English, communication is generally a breeze.

Then we come to the old school South Korea. The smaller villages offer an unbelievable cultural experience with frequent festivals, some of the world’s best artisans, what may very well be the best food in the world. From Damyang’s incredibly bamboo forests, the vast expanse of tea-leaf fields in Boseong to the stunning ocean side cliffs of Tongyeong, the villages of South Korea can justify a site seeing holiday on their own. On average, you can expect to spend around $40 per day to enjoy your holiday in what may be one of the most beautiful and cultural countries in the world.


Turkey has been having some economic difficulties within the last few years, while the economic difficulties are in no way a good thing, it has become a much better destination for travellers on a budget. Roman ruins, incredible festivals and an expanse of stunning beaches can all be had at a fraction of the cost that it was 5 years ago.

Turkey plays host to some of the most culturally rich and inviting citizens you can find anywhere. It’s difficult to spend a day in Turkey without immersing yourself in the local culture. For only $50 a day, it will be difficult to find a better experience.