Why You Need To Visit Zanzibar

An incomparable Indian Ocean island just off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is the ideal destination that offers outstanding historical, cultural, reconnaissance and eco-tourism beach experiences in East Africa.

The island seems to have everything that any like-minded sightseer may look for. It has a distinct, ethnical history which is a remarkable mixture of the many travellers that passed through it for centuries. Arabs, Indians, Persians, European and even a hint of Chinese, each left an enduring mark in the form of architectural styles and culture which now contribute to its charm.

Rubbing shoulder is the rise and fall of many, many empires which left behind ruins as well as other remnants. However their spirit is still felt in the heart of the traditional Zanzibarian.

The Influences Felt In Zanzibarian Society

Along with strong Swahili influences, the Zanzibar which you see today is distinctive in every respect from their food to semantics, fruit and spices, furniture styles, the fabrics, the gorgeous hand-crafted artifacts and jewellery which you find in their small duka stores and obviously, the natural wonders that set it apart from any other island beach destination in Africa.

Think Zanzibar and you cannot help but think about of the virgin beaches with their unspoilt, pristine white sands, dazzling turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean and the luscious tropical vegetation that create a spell of beauty and serenity.  Even as irresistible is the captivating marine life thriving under the tepid waters of the ocean or the wildlife of the Jozani Forest Reserve with its red colobus monkey denizens.

Zanzibar Is Full Of Life, Joy And Laughter

Zanzibar is a destination for all. It is a place where you will meet the astonishing people who you never thought existed – a mix of friendly, fun, calm, thoughtful, extreme, wonderful and lovely people who are so full of life. Every day that you spend on Zanzibar, you’ll be at peace with yourself, make friends, laugh and enjoy life to its fullest.

Stone Town

Zanzibar Town is the island’s main settlement. The historic old Stone Town is its heart and soul. It’s also a great spot to become immersed in island rhythms.

Begin by exploring at Forodhani Gardens, which a lively stretch of seafront where Zanzibaris of all ages get together in the early evening so that they can watch the sun go down and enjoy the passers-by.

Young men jump from the thick stone seawall into the harbour waters below, kids play and women in bui-bui (black shawls) get together to chat. Food vendors sell sizzling skewers of grilled pweza (octopus), steaming bowls of urojo (a tasty coastal soup) and hot mkate wa kumimina (which is a filling rice-flour bread). You can enjoy the sights and sounds and even whip out your phone for a few games at NZ online casinos while you soak up the ambience.

Just opposite the gardens is the huge Old Fort, which was built by Omani Arabs when they took over Zanzibar from the Portuguese in 1698. In addition, here is the imposing House of Wonders, which boasts what are said to be the largest carved doors in East Africa.