Save Money On Your Next Holiday

Travelling, especially abroad, has without a doubt become an expensive hobby. Whether you travel in the lap of luxury or on a budget, there are a few things you can do to save some money on any holiday. Accommodation and flights make up for the vast majority of cost on any trip abroad and are the best place to start cutting costs.


Flights can be a huge expense when it comes to your holiday budget. While people may often recommend getting connecting flights or flying to a smaller city which is close to your final destination, it isn’t always practical or feasible for every trip. Sometimes the money saved on connecting flights just isn’t worth the inconvenience added.

Private browsing

When looking to save money on flights, flight price comparing websites are a great place to start, but not to be used alone. Most of the flight comparing websites will track your cookies (your internet footprint) and see when you return to the website and search the same flights.

When you return to the website, the prices will be raised and will continue to raise the more you return. This is booking agencies or websites trying to instil a sense of urgency by raising the prices each time you return, forcing you to buy a ticket faster than you had initially intended out of fear that the price will keep rising.

The best way to combat this is to make use of some nature of private browning experience, like Google Chrome’s built-in Incognito mode. When using a private browser, these websites or ticket sites will be unable to see you are a returning customer and offer you the normal price each time you return.


Flight booking websites and often airlines themselves take into consideration the country that you are booking from and adjust prices accordingly. The common rule of thumb is that the average income in a country will dictate the prices charged for a ticket.

Booking the exact same ticket will frequently lower in price when you are using a VPN endpoint based in a different country. Remember that some countries have a subsidy for locally booked flights and an extra tax associated with flights booked from a foreign country, so it will still remain well worth it to shop around for the best price and the cheapest country to book from. If you are unsure of a VPN or use or how to use it, Opera GX browser comes with a great and simple to use VPN experience. You can even use it when you want to enjoy Australia online betting sites from anywhere in the world.


When it comes to finding a hotel for cheap, the same stands true as it does for flights above. Private browsing and booking from a different country are a great way to get reduced rates and shop around for the hotel you really want to stay in.

Another great avenue to try when booking a hotel is to book a privately owned hotel. Privately owned hotels are often not set to persistent rates and can often offer better deals than can be seen on booking websites.