Best Off-The-Grid Vacation Destinations

For many people, a vacation means escaping not only work and daily responsibilities, but also a mental break. And to truly achieve this, many realise the importance of completely switching off and moving away from the mainstream grid.

Going on a vacation off-the-grid means being able to put down your phone and laptop and simply enjoy all the wonderful healing properties of nature.

Below are some top off-the-grid vacation destinations for taking that ultimate physical and mental break.

Jenner – California

Those tired of the bustle of San Francisco can escape it all by heading just two hours north to a tiny coastal town called Jenner. With only 200 permanent residents calling this gem their home, it has become known for being prime and ultimate vacation destination for those seeking quiet and solace.

Jenner overlooks the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Russian River. It’s home to River’s End Restaurant & Inn, which was once a place of accommodation for fishermen and loggers.

In Jenner, there’s no cell phone reception, Wi-Fi, or daily newspapers.  Instead, visitors get to watch the seals as they play in the mouth of the river while relaxing on the sand at Goat Rock Beach.

Jenner, California, is the perfect spot for lovers of nature to unwind.

Ningaloo Reef – Australia

Located in Exmouth, Western Australia, Sal Silas Ningaloo Reef is situated between the dunes of Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape Range National Park.

This idyllic beach safari is home to fifteen eco-luxe wilderness tents. A variety of animals can be viewed and enjoyed at this special spot, including wallabies, red kangaroo, and emus.

There’s also an opportunity to swim to and from a coral reef, as well as to go dolphin-watching.

Uyuni Salt Flats – Bolivia

When looking to escape the chaos, you probably can’t go further off-the-grid than a stay at Kachi Lodge in Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia.

This unique spot is located at the very foot of a volcano, at 11,800 feet above sea level.

While the accommodation domes do come with solar-powered Wi-Fi, you probably won’t want to take your eyes off the majestic surrounding landscape for too long.

There’s much to do in Uyuni Salt Flats, including mountain biking, hiking to the peak of Kachi Island, and even trekking to the volcano’s crater.

Harads – Sweden

Nestled in a pine forest of northern Sweden, the Treehotel in Harads is set high among the beautiful trees.

There’s a great choice of suites, including one shaped like a bird’s nest, another like a UFO, and even one resembling a mirrored cube.

Activities include ice-fishing, zip-lining, riding a snowmobile, or even trekking farther all the way into Lapland for a dog-sledding adventure.

And for the truly lucky like those who often win big with AFL Premiership bets, it’s a place to experience the Northern Lights through the tree-tops.

Bali – Indonesia

For those wanting to step back in time, The Hideout Network provides the ultimate breakaway.

Nestled in the Balinese jungle, it’s easy to travel to nearby traditional villages and markets. You’ll even receive a complimentary scooter for exploring this beautiful region.